The Perfect House For A Wizard

The Perfect House For A Wizard


In this modern age, wizards are more common than ever. And as our society becomes more open-minded to alternative lifestyles, we’re seeing more and more people who identify with being a wizard. A lot of us even have our own houses—or at least, that’s what I assume. If you’re looking for a house that will be perfect for your magical lifestyle, check out my list of must-have features below!


The house should be built on a hill, with the front facing north. The hill should be near a forest, but not so close that you can’t see your neighbor’s house when you look out the window. The tower should have windows facing north and south, east and west; this way it will get plenty of light during all four seasons of the year.

The fireplace should be big enough to fit two people standing side by side inside it (if they’re friendly), so that they can roast marshmallows while they talk about wizard things like spells and potions or whatever wizards talk about when they’re hanging out at home together after school gets out for summer vacation!

There should also be lots of bookshelves full of magical texts written in many different languages–you never know when someone might need some information about how dragons breathe fire before heading off into battle against them! You might even want some telescopes around too if you ever want get closer look at anything happening far away from where we’re standing right now…

The House’s Exterior

  • The house should be in a quiet area.
  • It should be near the local library, school and park.
  • It should have a garage for your broomstick and plenty of space for storage if you decide to keep magical ingredients there too (you’ll need those).
  • It should have a large garden so you can grow all sorts of plants which will help with your spell casting practice!

The House’s Interior

The interior of your wizard’s home should be comfortable, with room for guests. The wizard will need a study where he can practice his magic and study his books. The library should also be well-lit so that the wizard can read at night.

The House’s Grounds

Your house should be surrounded by a garden. This is where you will grow plants and herbs that are useful to you as a wizard, such as cacti, garlic, and sage. You may also choose to plant fruit trees if they are available in your area; however, do not expect these trees to bear fruit until after at least five years of growth.

Your garden should contain a vegetable patch as well – this is where you can grow all manner of vegetables that will help feed yourself and any other inhabitants living with you (if any). However, if there are no other inhabitants living with you then feel free not include this section at all!

A wizard needs a house that suits his lifestyle.

A wizard needs a house that suits his lifestyle. A wizard’s home should be in a quiet place, away from people, with plenty of storage space and windows to let light into the rooms. It should also be easy to clean–you don’t want dust or dirt getting into your potions!

If possible, find yourself a house near a forest so you can practice your spells in peace without disturbing anyone else (or getting yourself arrested).


A wizard needs a house that suits his lifestyle. He needs a place where he can practice magic and store his potions, but also somewhere he can feel comfortable and safe. A wizard’s house should be decorated with magical objects like crystals and astrological charts so that it feels like home when you walk through the door.